No Bust 21 Blackjack

Intha Game The Online Casino Games is now ruling the online gaming industry, with the latest addition in the games list and frequents up gradation of the existing ones have made them popular among the users. The user-friendly games are attracting more people every day. Blackjack is an favorite casino online game which is available in many types of internet. Although all types of blackjacks that are played in the real casinos are not available in the online casinos with the increasing number of players it will shortly be introduced into the online gaming industry. The no bust 21 blackjack is a unique type of blackjack which is much different than the others available online.

Although no bust 21 blackjack may look similar it is quite different. Its rules are nearly the same as the others. Like other online games, the casino strategy of the no bust 21 blackjack is created by the computer simulation. There are separate rows and columns for everything required making it convenient for the users. There are two differences between other blackjack and no bust 21 blackjack. We require 54 cards which include 2 jokers to play it unlike the other blackjack games and the second one is even though a player busts there is a chance that he may not lose.

Two jokers in a hand have the highest ranking and are called natural. If both the dealer and player have the natural then it is neutralized the ranking online casino and the bets go on but if the player wins then the payout is 2 to 1. A single joker is counted as 21 points and the ace and tenth card have no value. The no bust 21 blackjack may seem user-friendly as it has more chances of winning, payouts are 2 to 1 and even if a player busts he may not lose but this may not be advantageous sometimes as there is no 3 to 2 payout for No bust 21 blackjacks. And if a dealer is nearer to 21 points then the player may lose the bet. So these are the rules which make it different from the other blackjack games.