The legality of online casinos/online gambling has always been in question for a lot of years. Some people call it a legal activity while others categorize it as an illegal activity. But regardless of both cases, online casinos are making a huge progress on the internet. So it becomes hard to separate truth from reality at times when it comes to these issues.

But the fact is that online gamblers and casino players only want to have fun and government cannot really prosecute people for that. As far as your winnings are concerned, the government is not supposed to accuse you of being indulged in an illegal activity because most of the times, they only take action ONCE you have deposited your hard earned cash or you happened to win a huge amount.

So the answer to the legality of online casino is not very simple. Some states of the US have legalized gambling and some states are still working on it. European countries and other the UK are making a great progress. They have legalized online casinos and the idea of online gambling. There is no stopping to players playing games in those casinos each day but those casinos tend to keep American players out of the box.

So the legality of online casinos just comes down to boundaries and laws. If you are in an area which hasn't restricted online casinos, then you are god to go with all sorts of internet based gambling. But if your particular area seems to have "issues" with online casinos and online gambling, then you better switch to something else.

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